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Realiza el Test 2 únicamente si has superado el TEST 1 con 30 puntos o más.
Escucha a Janet y elige la mejor opción.
1. Janet lives
a) In New York City b) Half an hour from New Jersey. c) In New Jersey
2. Janet likes the parks, the people and…a) her door. b) seeing the sky. c) cable TV.
3. Janet travels to Manhattana) every week b) twice a month c) once every two months
4. Janet’s favourite thing to do in Manhattan isa) buy ice cream b) sell paintings and pictures to museums c) visit museums and art galleries
5. Janet’s favourite ice cream is
a) frozen hot chocolate b) vanilla c) chocolate

half an hour = una media horathe parks = los parquesthe people = la gentedoor = puertaseeing the sky = mirando el cieloonce = una veztwice = dos vecesthing = cosasell = venderfrozen = congelado

Comprueba tus respuestas y suma 1 punto por cada respuesta correcta.Total puntos.
Elige la mejor palabra para cada frase. Sigue el ejemplo.
Ejemplo: - ? - Who Where How much How many do you have lunch?
1. Danny usually - ? - takes eats has drives 8 or 9 beers on Saturdays.

2. Nice to - ? - meat eat leave meet you.
3. Samantha likes - ? - play does play plays playing with her rabbit.

4. Excuse me. How - ? - money many price much is the T-shirt?
5. What do you - ? - work job do have for a living?

6. Did you see the film on TV last night with Nicolas Cage?- Yes, I - ? - see did saw did see
7. I - ? - took eat had dream lunch with Penelope Cruz last week. She paid the bill.

8. George Bush - ? - don't can no can't no can speak English very well.
9. I didn't - ? - went gone been go out last night.

10. Luis and Craig started La Mansión del Inglés about five years - ? - before ago since past
11. - ? - Do Will Would Does you like another beer?- Yes, please.

12. I must buy - ? - some much any many Bacardi for the party.
13. - ? - Have Was Did Were you ever been to Mexico?.

14. Excuse me, - ? - why where when who is the nearest cyber café?.
Comprueba tus respuestas y suma 1 punto por cada respuesta correcta.Total puntos.
Encuentra la palabra que es diferente de las demás y no pertenece al grupo. Sigue el ejemplo.
Ejemplo: travel / ashtray / journey / trip / cruise(Todas las palabras tienen relación con los viajes excepto 'ashtray', que significa 'cenicero')
1. windsurfing / swimming / camping / fishing / sailing2. businessman / accountant / liar / politician / lawyer 3. lamp / receipt / armchair / desk / plant4. salad / dry / tall / wet / short5. warm / skirt / freezing / cool / boiling6. his / my / their / we / our7. peas / rice / omelette / glass / carrots 8. usually / sometimes / sunny / never / always
Comprueba tus respuestas y suma 1 punto por cada respuesta correcta.Total puntos.
Lee las siguientes frases y elige una de las tres opciones;TRUE (verdadero) FALSE (falso)NO IDEA! (no tengo ni idea /no entiendo la frase.)
Ejemplo: It’s not very expensive to fly from Madrid to New York by boat. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA
1. Banks are often open after 5pm. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA2. A family always has at least two people. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA3. If you buy a return train ticket, you probably want to come back. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA4. There are twelve days in a month. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA5. April comes after March. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA6. Walking is an expensive hobby. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA7. Harrison Ford is older than Harry Potter. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA8. A Ferrari is not as fast as a Fiat. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA9. People usually wear socks on their hands. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA10. Ernest Hemingway wrote a lot about Spain. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA11. Most people have two noses and one arm. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA12. You can’t make an omelette if you don’t break an egg. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA13. People never dream when they are sleeping. - ? - TRUE FALSE NO IDEA

Comprueba tus respuestas y suma 1 punto por cada respuesta correcta.Total puntos.
- Suma los puntos de las cuatro partes. Si has obtenido un total de 30 puntos o más, puedes empezar por el Curso Intermedio. Si tienes menos de 30 puntos, realiza el Curso Básico.- Si quieres evaluarte en un nivel superior puedes realizar nuestra prueba de nivel para First Certificate.
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