domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

La voz pasiva

1 - Relaciona los siguientes carteles con el sitio donde los veas siguiendo el ejemplo.
1. car park - 2. pub - 3. restaurant - 4. airport - 5. shop  
6. hotel - 7. library - 8. garage - 9. web page 

2 - Completa cada frase con su correspondiente participio pasado.
1. The beds in our room haven’t been  yet.
2. Do you think we’ll be  to the party?
3. La Mansión del Inglés is so successful it will probably be  into twenty different languages.
4. When our flat was  last month, my laptop computer was .
5. I went to work early to go to the meeting yesterday and I realised that the date had been  to the 13th February.
6. A new sports centre is being  in front of our house and it’s completely spoiling our view of the sea.
7. When I saw my grandmother yesterday she told me she had been  in the street on her way to bingo.
8. Cathy can’t use her office until next week as it’s being .
9. Elton John was  in Pinner, Middlesex, England.
10. I thought the interview went well, but I still wasn’t  the job.

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