jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Leonel and Martelly talk of frontier and illegals.

Leonel and Martelly talk of frontier and illegalsFernandez commits to attend Martelly's inauguration

SANTO DOMINGO. President Leonel Fernandez met yesterday with the President-elect of Haiti, Michel Martelly in order to discuss issues related with the Dominican-Haitian frontier and the citizens from that nation that reside illegally in the Dominican Republic.

Both presidents agreed moreover, that Fernandez will travel to Haiti on 14 May to take part in the swearing in ceremony of the new Haitian President, reported Martelly himself at the end of the meeting that went on for nearly two hours.

"I officially invited President Fernandez to my inauguration and he accepted", expressed the next Haitian President. During an improvised press conference in the hallway of the Presidential Palace, Martelly said that the issues of bilateral interest should be dealt with by the Mixed Commission and satisfactory solutions found.

"Thanks to the people and to the government for helping the Haitian people after 12 January, today for the third time we have joined with President Fernandez and we have discovered in him a very intelligent and delicate man that wants relations between the two countries to improve", he said.

According to Martelly, the Dominican leader made a lot of good recommendations that he will put into practice when he assumes the government of Haiti. He took advantage of his visit to extend his appreciation for the university that the Dominican government is building in the North of Haiti.

Upon being questioned, Martelly said that his main priority is to solve the problem of the thousands of Haitian refugees left by the earthquake. Martelly was accompanied by the Haitian ambassador in this country, Fritz Cineas, the Dominican diplomatic representative in Port-au-Prince, Ruben Silié and others. It will be remembered that the singer obtained 67.57% of the votes in the Haitian elections, against 31.74% by the former First Lady Mirlande Manigat.

Trips by Fernandez to Haiti

Fernandez has made several trips to Haiti, including two of them last year. The first of 2010 was to offer comfort after the earthquake and the other one was to begin the construction of the university.

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