jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

The U.S. decides not to publish death photos of Osama bin Laden

The U.S. decides not to publish death photos of Osama bin LadenBarack Obama says the body of the Al Qaeda leader "is not a trophy"

WASHINGTON. President Barack Obama finally decided not to publish the photographs of the body of the Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden because this body "is not a trophy" and in order not to incite violence from extremists.

Obama announced his decision during an interview given to the CBS network program "60 Minutes", part of the transcription was read yesterday by White House spokesman Jay Carney.

"We do not show these things as a trophy", indicated the United States President, who justified his decision by saying that the publication of the photographs could "jeopardize the safety of the United States troops overseas". According to the President's indications, he spoke with his national security team, especially with his Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and "they were all in agreement".

To publish the photographs, added the President, would not provide any benefit to the national security and on the contrary, they could put overseas troops in danger with the risk of reprisals by persons sympathetic to Al Qaeda. "It is important that we insure that very graphic photographs of someone with a shot to the head do not circulate out there as something to incite more violence".

Regarding the possibility that doubts emerge regarding the authenticity of the death, he said: "We have looked at the reactions around the world and there are no doubts that he is dead. Of course, those that have no doubt are the members of Al Qaeda".

Rumor of sources

According to what United States media has written, which cite sources in Congress, in the images that the White House has, there is a large wound above the left eye of the Al Qaeda leader, where blood and brain matter can be seen. The terrorist received shots to the head and chest on Sunday during a commando operation of elite United States troops at a house in Abbottabad, in Pakistan.


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