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Sobeida pleads out and accuses others.

Sobeida pleads out and accuses othersThe District Attorney admits a deal was made and he says others might be extradited

SANTO DOMINGO. Like a bottle that has an effervescent liquid inside, Sobeida Felix Morel took the top off and spattered all of the persons implicated in the alleged money laundering network that is said to belong to her lover and convicted drug trafficker, Jose David Figueroa Agosto, and even some persons that are not among the accused.

Backed by a deal, which was denied at the trial, the District Attorney Alejandro Moacoso Segarra confirmed for his part, that Felix Morel sat tranquilly and self-assured at the defendant's table and accepted her guilt on the charges of criminal association and money laundering.

The first statements by Felix Morel were that both she as well as all the other defendants were together with Cristian Almonte (Figueroa) both in the apartments in the capital, in Puerto Plata, and in the villas in La Romana, although she said that none of them knew that he was Figueroa Agosto. Those who did know the identity of the alleged drug capo were other persons that she did not identify, but she did refer to the person who gave him the DNI carnet. (DNI =National Investigation Department)

All through her statement, she mentioned Mary Pelaez on several occasions as the person who purchased a house and an apartment for Cristian Almonte (Figueroa) and who even made a fictitious loan for one of the transactions.

She said moreover, that Pelaez was the person that wrote up the checks and changed money, using the Solano Money Exchange Agency as the Electroamerica Company.

She also revealed that Figueroa Agosto met with persons that arrived from Puerto Rico on several occasions in the country. Among the visitors were the well known Angelo Millones, Elvis Medina Torres and another person identified as Marrero, and that her former husband, Eddy Brito, was present at one of these meetings.

She said that Elvin Torres Estrada, processed in Puerto Rico for drug trafficking, bought a Ferrari from Gamal Hache, the owner of the Sofia restaurant where he met with Figueroa Agosto and the majority of the person implicated in the network.

She revealed that Angelo Millones went so far as to buy an apartment in an apartment tower on Bolivar and that later he sold it to another Puerto Rican who is on trial in his country for drug trafficking.

Felix Morel also told how on 3 September 2009, when she was detained after the Police found US$4.6 million in an SUV, it was Sammy Dauhajre who told her that Crisitan Almonte was in trouble and that after his escape he had passed by the house of Pelaez to get a vehicle. She also said that Cristian delivered, through Dauhajre and Ivanovich Smester, US$50,000 for her comfort in Najayo when she was detained, another US$300,000 to pay her bail, plus US$250,000 for use by Brito to talk to the District Attorney, but this money was not used for this.

Mary answers her

When it was her turn, Mary Pelaez questioned the moral quality of Sobeida to make accusations, first because they are from a person who abandoned, according to her, her children in order to leave the country and who was capable of simulating a kidnapping with images of her that showed her to be tied up and gagged.

Upon referring to the accusations of Sobeida, Pelaez said:"I would be incapable of sinking the life of a human being for my own benefit, what moral quality could certain persons have that abandon their children, who leave in a rowboat, send pictures pretending to be kidnapped with a gag in her mouth, saying that they had been kidnapped just to later say that they don't know that person, in spite of being found with that person".

She said that she comes from a humble family, fighters, united and well brought up.

Besides Felix Morel, only Pelaez, Brito and Joan Jose Ibarra testified before the judges of the First Collegiate Tribunal of the National District. The other accused, Madelin Bernard, Dolphy Pelaez, Ivanovich Smester, and Sammy Dauhajre remained silent. The trial continues today.

District Attorney clears up

The District Attorney, Alejandro Moscoso Segarra, defended yester the negotiation that he carried out with the defendants Felix Morel and Leavy Nin Batista, and he made it clear that this process does not exculpate them from a possible sentence. "We are in an important process that is going to benefit the penal justice system, and not only are they going to be found guilty , along with those that are being processed, but also other persons that are not in the process", she said.

She said that several persons that have still not been arrested, including military officials could be requested in extradition by the United States.


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