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Hola!! debo hacer una dramatizacion de ingles, pero no se me ocurre nada... me ayudan???
debe llevar presente simple, pasado simple, el verbo have, (en pasado y presente todos), y las preguntas que empiezan con wh... para 4 personas XD
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gracias por la recomendacion, pero es que no se me ocurre ni un tema para hacerla :S
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YOU, Friend 1, Friend 2. Friend 4.
Scene. Your house.
YOU: Guess what, kids?
FRIEnds: Whaaatt?
YOU: I have an assignment for tomorrow, and I hve run out of ideas...
Friend 1: What for an assignment;
YOU: I have to do a drammatizaton in English...
FRIEND 3: In English! Of course! Don't tell us you thought of doing it in Japanese!
YOU: You silly! This is serious, kids.
FRIEND 2: What must include your .... English dramma?
YOU, Why, I must use the auxiliary "to have" and verbs in simple present, past present, and the verb "to have".
FRIEND 2: Do you want us to help you?
YOU: Of course! What do you have in mind?
FRIEND 3: Let's do an interview with a robot.
YOU: A robot?
FRIEND 3: You''ll be the robot -a he robot.
FRIEND 1: Let's call it Roboter.
FRIEND 2: I will be the interviewer.
FRIEND: I will be the narrator.
FRIEND 3: What about me?
YOU: You can be,, the.. spectator.
NARRATOR: This is The Narrator broadcasting an interview with Roboter, a new generation robot.
INTERVIEWER: Mr. Roboter, if i may ask, are you male or female?
YOU: Let me state it plainly: I'm male.
INTERVIEWER: A male robot?
YOU: Yes! And like knitting, washing, sewing... things like that.
INTERVIEWER: What cant you tell me about your... predecessors?
YOU: We are the descendants of the first animated toys. My grand grand father was The Rabbit That Goes On an On and On.
INTERVIEWER: You can do a lot of things, or?
YOU: Yes, I can do a lot of thigs, from tying the shoe laces of ths house kids, to prepare an omelette for Madam.
INTERVIWER: Could you do my homeworks?
YOU: Yes, surely I could, but I just won't!
INTERVIEWER: You rascal.
YOU: We modern robots are far more perfect than the old ones. Someone said we will conquer the whole world.
INTERVIEWER: Do you mean robots are going to dominate us?
YOU: No! Robots are not going! They are already here! And we are almost perfect... no, we are perfect... perfect... click, click... perfect. (Faints).
Friend 3. OK, that is going to be your work. How do you like it?
YOU: This is terrible. You kids have no creativity at all!
FIN. Te debo la traducción.
It was an out-of-the spur thing.
hace 2 años

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