sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

solution of the exercise past tense verb

It was 6am. Rick had been driving all night to get to Molly’s apartment before she could leave for Paris. The streets of Philadelphia were empty as Rick pulled up outside Molly’s building.

Rick checked with the doorman that Molly had not got back from the nightclub and went up to her penthouse suite on the 13th floor.

As Rick left the elevator, he heard someone else near Molly’s door. He wondered if someone had been in Molly’s room. She often had male ‘guests’ in her suite. He waited silently for a moment. A man walked towards him with the biggest, ugliest dog he had ever seen.

When he was sure the man had gone, he opened the door with his Visa card and quietly entered the room. He could smell Molly’s sweet perfume and smiled to himself. He had some good memories of Molly’s soft body, leather boots and chocolate ice cream.

Rick was sitting with his back to the door, smoking, when Molly finally came in. He spoke without looking at her.
“Hello Molly”, said Rick, softly. “I didn’t think you would come home from the club alone.”
She didn’t look surprised when she saw him. Someone had told her he would be there.
“Rick, it’s good to see you” replied Molly, in her smooth, sexy voice.
“Can I get you a drink?”
“Whisky”, said Rick. “Straight, no ice.”
Molly gave Rick a glass and put on some jazz. Rick drank the whisky quickly and stood up to take some more.
“Did you kill Fat Frankie, Molly”, asked Rick, looking in Molly’s seductive eyes for the first time.
“Yes, but you’ll never tell anyone” she replied as Rick fell to floor, his hand holding his stomach, the whisky glass broke under his body.
“Ugh…..” said Rick, “The whisky…….”
“Yes”, cried Molly, “You fool! I’m going to cut you up and feed you to Cuddles, the neighbours dog, just like I did with your friend Fat Frankie.”
“Not so fast Molly!”, said detective Pavlovski, as he ran into the room. “We’ve been watching you for months, and thanks to the microphones Rick had hidden under his raincoat, we’ve got your confession on tape. I hope you like prison food, Molly”

“Molly looked back at Rick who was still lying on the floor. “Damn you Mansworth”, she shouted, as the police took her away. “I hope that poison hurts like hell!”
“No way Molly!”, laughed Rick. “After 12 years of my wife’s cooking, I can hardly feel anything!”

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