miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Common Errors with "Should" and "Ought to

Common Errors with "Should" and "Ought to"

Lee las frases y corrige los errores.
1. You should to stop smoking.
You smoking.
2. You ought visit your grandparents more often.
You your grandparents more often.
3. Do I ought to call her and apologise?
her and apologise?
4. He should have save some extra money for the holiday.
He some extra money for the holiday.
5. What I should do about the neighbours?
What about the neighbours?
6. You should eat not so much chocolate.
You so much chocolate.
7. You ought have to finished the report by now.
You the report by now.
8. You should have not told him the secret.
You him the secret.

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